CEC Chairman: Hanson Sindowe

Strategy & Outlook
  • Business Growth Strategy
    • Exploring opportunities that can be integrated with the core business, with a focus on Southern Africa
    • Opportunities being explored include power trading growth, embedded generation, transmission reinforcement
    • Work with other sector players to resolve tariff issues in Zambia
  • Projects Underway
    • Progress the 128MW CECA SL project to financial close
  • Nigerian Assets
    • Address the currency mismatch
    • Manage the over-leverage at KANN
    • Restructure the facility to align the repayments to cash flows
    • Work with Government on regulation and liquidity challenges
    • Operational improvements
  • Market Cap Undervalued
    • The Board and management believe the current market cap does not represent ‘fair value’ for the group
    • The Board and management appreciate that the power sector issues in Nigeria and the limited liquidity in the stock, may be impacting valuation
    • CEC is currently evaluating options to unlock value for shareholders (which may include a restructuring of the group, and/or a listing on the JSE) and has appointed financial advisors to assist in this regard

    HY 2016 financial results presentation

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