Seed Co Group Chief Executive: Mr Morgan Nzwere

Future Prospects
The negative effects of El Nino weather conditions on food production and the steep decrease in commodity prices that has severely strained many of the sub-Saharan African economies and the weakening of currencies is set to continue in the current year. However despite this tough economic environment, I am very positive about the future of the company, further buoyed by:
  • The strategic technical equity partnership with Limagrain, which has been working very well
  • The new vegetable seed distribution company recently acquired and which is expected to gather traction and follow the foot print of the maize seed business across Africa
  • Increasing market share in East Africa with Kenya and Tanzania all continuing on an impressive growth projectile
  • Promising development work in West Africa
  • Increasing demand for the recently released ultra early maize seed varieties

2016 annual report

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