Econet Wireless Zimbabwe CEO, Douglas Mboweni

The ongoing foreign currency shortages and general liquidity constraints have made it difficult for customers to spend on goods and services. The stagnation of the economy and the consequent impact on consumers will continue to put a strain on all businesses operating in Zimbabwe.

In spite of these challenging operating circumstances, we continue to tailor our products and services to remain relevant to our customers, understanding that they are under financial strain and so are demanding ever greater value for money. Consequently, we continue to review our product pricing, bundle composition, marketing and selling strategies to offer solutions based on clearly understood customer segments and markets. The board and management continue to seek cost efficiencies, wherever possible, in order to deliver a lean and agile operation.

The Company’s operating model remains the foundation on which we will deliver sustainable performance in the future. Through relentlessly pursuing innovation, the Group will continue to roll out products and services that are customer-centric and technologically relevant.

FY 2016 financial results

FY 2016 financial results presentation

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