Cannon Asset Managers is a licensed asset management business based in South Africa that manages domestic assets as well as global investment portfolios. Since our formation we have successfully applied the philosophy and principles of value investing, an investment management approach that consistently has demonstrated a clear advantage over other philosophies.  Consequently, over the years Cannon Asset Managers has developed a reputation for successfully delivering portfolio results to our clients who include companies, pension funds, insurance companies, trusts, high net worth individuals and retail investors.

USD/ZAR stabilising at levels of around R14.60 after the Rand slipped to over R15.00 against the US Dollar last week. Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Wi, stressing that the G20 summit in September needs to focus more on economic growth as opposed to the political climate of the economy at present. Yellen hinted briefly that economic conditions in the US have started to turn favourably in terms of a potential future interest rate hike. SA retail sales coming in with positive figures growth of 0.5% MoM and 0.9% quarterly growth. S&P 500 Index up1.88% for the year, the DOW Jones Industrial Average currently 2.77% up and the JSE All Share up 4.2% year to date.

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World Map of Income Tax Havens

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