Zanaco Bank Chief Executive Officer: Bruce Dick

Future Outlook
The tight liquidity conditions are expected to remain a challenge during 2016. This will continue to drive the cost of funds up. Inflation is also expected to remain high, particularly in the first half of 2016, but decline as the year progresses. The Bank will gain competitiveness by delivering superior customer service, value proposition and efficiency in its operations.

Our commitment in 2016 will be to continue to drive the changes needed in the organisation through a transformation journey, focusing on the following:
  • Bringing the structure and branches in line with our strategy
  • Aligning the processes with the new structure and ways of working
  • Further improving the quality of services provided to our customers
  • Further improving our risk management standards
  • Raising our operating and financial efficiency
  • Enhancing the performance culture and aligning compensation and reward system with strategy and new ways of working.

FY 2015 financial results

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