Seed Co Group Chief Executive: Mr Morgan Nzwere
The current year presents major challenges for the Group mainly coming from weakening of the currencies as well as eratic rainfall in the major markets in which we operate. The Government input programs in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi have been reduced significantly and we are directing our efforts towards the open market, which is however struggling from the severe effects of regional economic crisis.

Positive prospects in the medium to long term are expected to come from:
  • Quicker product release due to the strategic technical equity partnership with Limagrain.
  • The acquisition of Zimbabwe's leading vegetable seed distribution company and leveraging on the expertise of Limagrain in this new line of business in all our markets.
  • Increasing market share in East Africa with Kenya, Tanzania and DRC all continuing on an impressive growth projectile.
  • New proprietary product releases in the West African market which are showing promise.
  • Increasing demand of our ultra early maize seed varieties particularly SC 301 and SC 303 which mature faster than all our other maize varieties.

HY 2016 financial results

HY 2016 financial results presentation

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