Annabelle Degroot: Zambrew Finance Director
  • Anticipating a real slow down in Q4. Currency impact remains uncertain.
  • Power and water restrictions will remain a major concern and will add significant cost in the second half.
  • Focus areas will include ensuring affordability across all categories.
  • Castle Lite smuggling will come to an end in the period driving Castle Lite sales.
  • We will continue to closely manage costs to cope with the reality of the impact of the depreciated Kwacha on our results.
  • Strategic infrastructure investments will go ahead as planned on the premise of future growth and government positive response with the reduction of excise back to 40%.
  • Our Maltings plant will come on stream in March 2016.
  • Cassava value chain and the Eagle brand will be a top priority for the second half.
  • We continue to engage with SEC and LUSE to address the 75% shareholding requirement.

HY 2016 financial results presentation

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