Opportunity summary 
The Company
  • ZCCM’s principal activity is to mainly manage the Zambian Government’s and minority shareholders’ stakes in the mining sector
    • ZCCM shares are traded on the LuSE, the Paris Euronext, and the London Stock Exchange
  • Exposure to Tier I assets
    • Substantial representation in quartile 1 of cost curve
  • Expansion and growth opportunity
  • Current LuSE Listing Rules require a listed company to have a free float of at least 25%
  • ZCCM-IH recently increased its free float to 22.33% from 12.48% following a transaction in which the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) sold part of its holding. Consequently, GRZ holds 77.67% of the 160,800,286 issued shares and further plans to scale down to 60%.
  • Sell down is a secondary market trade over the LuSE

Pangaea Securities coverage (ZCCM – IH Information Memorandum)

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