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African Sunrise Insight: Kenya: Hotbed of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Entrepreneurs in Nairobi: Inspired by President Obama. President Obama encouraged young entrepreneurs at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi—a boost to business development and job creation. We met business leaders developing homegrown solutions to African challenges—while opening up new industries.

Hotbed of ______ (Fill in the Blank!) CNN, in reporting on the President’s trip, referred to Kenya as a “hotbed of terrorism.” Throughout the GES, Kenyan officials referred to their country as a hotbed of growth or innovation—forcing CNN to backpedal from this characterization of one of the most dynamic economies on the continent.

CEOs: How To Boost Business. At a CEO roundtable, African and global CEOs outlined ideas: localization, worker training, corporate commitment to developing local markets, and the opening up of borders for freer movement of people, capital, goods, and services.

Banks and Telcos: More Financial Innovation. Kenya’s Equity Bank, KCB, and Safaricom are in a battle to develop—and sell—new tech-enabled financial services solutions for SMEs. Improved access to finance and services should yield better business performance, expanded financial inclusion, and overall economic expansion.

Consumer Status Report: Stores Battling it Out for Share. Kenya’s consumer markets are vibrant, competitive and open to new ideas. Spending growth may be curtailed in the near term if the weak shilling causes inflation. New supermarkets are opening right and left—a sharp focus on costs will be essential if stores are to be profitable.

Capital Markets: Need More Listed Companies. African capital markets are developing, slowly. We believe flotation of large, well-run, privately held firms and privatization of parastatals would boost stock exchange development and bring down the cost of capital.

What's next? We are just back from Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, Gabon (for the New York Forum Africa), and Ethiopia (where we participated in the Japan-Africa Business Forum and met with local sources). Reports coming soon.

We'll be in Colorado Springs speaking about Africa at the Gasification Technologies Conference Oct 12-13. We encourage African consulates and embassies to send business development staff to this event-- it's a potential new area of investment for hydrocarbon-rich countries. Contact us for information.

We then head to Washington for the second full meeting of the President's Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa, to be held on October 14. The PAC-DBIA meeting will be webcast via Stay tuned for the PAC-DBIA's next set of recommendations for President Obama, as to how the U.S. Government can help boost commercial engagement between the U.S. and Africa.

New York/East Coast marketing throughout October and early November. London marketing dates: Nov 10-11. We will be in Johannesburg and Cape Town from Nov 12-19, visiting companies and clients, and attending the Africa com communications & technology industry conference.

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