This report was prepared by African Sunrise Partners LLC (ASP). ASP is an investment strategy firm dedicated to bringing private-sector capital to sub-Saharan Africa.

Putting the Africa Rising Story Into Context for Investors: We spoke to investment professionals at the CFA Institute’s late-July 60th Financial Analysts Seminar in Chicago. Our topic was: Africa Rising: The Why, How, and Where of Investment in the World’s Fastest-Growing Continent. The full set of slides is included in our Flash Update, link here. Worth reading: the CFA Institute’s August 3, 2015 blog post.

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Themes and Investment Impact: Top of mind in our presentation: improving governance; urbanization and a rising middle class; infrastructure upgrades; agriculture as a business; technology leapfrog; financial inclusion; and globalization: end of Africa’s isolation from world markets. Some of these themes are common in the press, but without details. We provided specific examples of how we see themes translating into bottom-line impact for companies and investors.

Managing Risk? Take a Deliberate Approach to Africa: Investors and companies say “Africa is too risky for us”. But we believe it’s a mistake to write off the continent’s long-term growth prospects so easily. Investors need to understand how trends in Africa matter to their overall portfolio, while companies need a clear strategy for succeeding in the continent’s fast-growing and competitive markets.

Why Africa Matters to You: Africa is set to drive global growth for decades; it is the battleground for China/US competition; and a potential new source of earnings and returns. Research intensity pays off and capital absorption capacity is rising.

What's next? We are just back from a week in Nairobi, where we heard President Obama address the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and spent several days meeting with local companies (report to follow). We're off to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa Aug 24-28, Gabon Aug 29-30 (where we'll be speaking at the New York Forum Africa), and Ethiopia Aug 31-Sept 3 (where we'll be speaking at the Japan-Africa Business Forum as well as meeting with local companies). Let us know if you want to set up a meeting during our trip or a call when we return.

Mark Your Calendars: Nigeria in NYC Oct 29-30: We are working with the organizers of the Nigeria Development and Finance Forum to bring sponsors, speakers, and delegates to this timely event in New York City Oct 29-30. The early-bird rate of $450 expires August 31—register here or contact us for sponsorship or speaking information.

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Why Become an ASP Client? We Open Doors for Profitable Investment in Africa: We’ve made 30+ trips to Africa, have a seat on the US President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa, and bring deep knowledge of why Africa matters to international business. ASP’s 50-report research library, advisory services, and speaking engagements help our clients make better decisions for more profitable investments on the continent.

Now is the Time to Sharpen your Africa Strategy:  Even if you're not actively putting funds to work directly on the continent, this is the time to build your knowledge. If you run a global portfolio or operate a global business, Africa matters to you already. African markets are growing rapidly and the competitive dynamics on the continent may have broad repercussions for companies in different industry groups.

What Makes African Sunrise Partners Valuable to You?
  1. We get information directly from our own sources. 4-6 trips/year to Africa, over 30 trips since 2007.
  2. We bring a global perspective: 30 years’ experience in global equity research, extensive frontier and EM work, massive network of sources.
  3. Covering sectors that matter to global investors and companies: industrials/infrastructure/power, consumer, agribusiness, tech/telecom, financial services.
  4. We can save you time and money: our market intelligence offers hard-to-find information based on our own legwork. Commentary on public and private companies, local and multinational names.
  5. We are connectors. Need to talk to a source on a key issue? Looking for a local partner or insight into a particular market works? We have over 7,000 names in our database—let us connect you to people on the front lines of African business.
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