Seed Co Goup Chief Executive: Mr Morgan Nzwere

  • The Group’s future growth will come from
    • Expansion into the vegetable business with the acquisition of Prime Seeds and establishment of this new income stream in all our current markets and leveraging on the vegetable expertise of the Limagrain Group.
    • Continued growth in East Africa with further gains in market share in Tanzania through expansion of distribution network, and entry into the lucrative highland market in Kenya.
    • A strong balance sheet which will see the Group being able to finance growth in new markets without increasing the finance costs.
    • Focus on the short to medium season seed varieties whose demand could increase with the changing weather patterns.
    • Adoption by farmers in the drier parts of the continent of the recently released 300 early maturing series which are yielding better than some medium maturing varieties.
    • The strategic technical partnership with Limagrain, leading to increased access to cutting edge technologies and quickening the Group’s product release cycle while the fresh capital will finance growth in new and existing markets and enable the Company to sustain its dominant position in the seed business in Africa.
    • Breaking into the West African market with the Group’s own products that have been released there and the scaling up of production which is currently the bottleneck.

    2015 annual report