Seed Co General Manager: Dennis Zaranyika

The Group is optimistic of future growth coming from:
  • The strategic technical equity partnership with Limagrain, which has enabled the Group's R&D efforts to access the latest technologies in seed breeding, as well as broadening genomic diversity through germplasm exchange and technology transfer aided by the use of the recently commissioned Technology Laboratory.
  • The acquisition of Zimbabwe's leading vegetable seed distribution company and leveraging on the expertise of Limagrain in this new line of business in all our markets
  • Increasing market share in East Africa with Kenya, Tanzania and DRC all continuing on an impressive growth projectile.
  • Continued Government and donor-funded input programs in Zambia and Malawi.
  • Breaking into the West African market with high performing proprietary and licensed products as we continue to intensify our bulking of released products in this market.
  • Increasing demand of ultra early maize seed varieties released by research and development activities of the Group.

FY 2015 financial results

FY 2015 financial results presentation