The target goal for the industry continues to be the attainment of the sugar production installed capacity of 640 000 tons per annum. Although the just ended rainfall season was well below average, there were su fficient in flows into the major supply dams for the industry to continue with its replanting programme aimed at restoring sugar production to installed milling capacity by 2018/19. The replanting programme will continue to gain momentum with sugar production expected to progressively increase to installed capacity over the next four years. In the face of variable weather conditions, water will continue to be carefully managed. Although the Tokwe Mukorsi Dam could not be commissioned in time to hold water this season, it is expected to hold water during the coming seasons, thereby augmenting the current water sources and presenting new development opportunities for industry expansion. The industry will receive a full water allocation during the 2015/16 season and consequently will apply full irrigation duty to the entire crop...

FY 2015 financial results
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