Hartland-Peel Africa Equity Research provides one of the most comprehensive databases on African listed companies dating back to 1990. The database has been licensed to various financial institutions and institutional investors internationally.

Key highlights:
Set out on the following pages is a summary of major SSA ex SA listed companies with December year-ends that have reported their 2014 full year earnings. New earnings releases since our prior report of April 13, 2015 are highlighted in yellow as are the Q1 2015 quarterly releases. The focus is on those companies which have a big market capitalisation or, if smaller, have shown significant earnings growth/decline. This report is divided into a two page summary and followed by highlights of each company’s performance.

To date, the US$ earnings for the 12 months to December 2014 of the 70 reporting companies covered is down 6% at US$6.9bn vs US$7.4bn in 2013. Nigeria, with 24 companies reporting, accounts for most of the decline with earnings down US$489m or 9%. Kenya’s earnings have risen 7%. Zimbabwe stands out as the December year end companies covered are, in aggregate, loss making.

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