What companies hate to hear the most

Your competitor’s doing it and you’re not. If there is one thing that captures the attention of a marketing department, its that a competitor is carrying out a strategy that they are not.

I’ve compiled a slideshow of 158 ways various regional banks are using social media to connect with their audiences. Zimbabwe’s banking sector is in a state of extreme stress and I would have thought that social media might have been used more by them to lower the cost of engagement.

Not a single Zimbabwean bank has actively used to social media to gain traction to grow a large community. Unusual don’t you think when banks have tens of thousands customers.

Here are 5 things to consider about the slideshow below:-
  • these banks are being human
  • they are communicating about stuff that is nothing to do with banking
  • their messages appeal to peoples’ emotions
  • customer service and value added information are central themes
  • the marketing message is not invasive, or direct most of the time
Check out the presentation below for hard evidence on how and what sub-Saharan banks are doing to engage with customers and potential customers and improve corporate reputation and trust.

About the Author: Rob Stangroom
Rob is a strategic online marketer trapped in a qualified accountant's body. With 15 years experience in emerging sub-Saharan equity capital markets and 7 years managing a digital agency focused on corporate, social and online investor relations. Rob advises large businesses at the highest level on online corporate strategy. He is a failed fisherman!