I know why you don’t understand social media

I speak with professionals from all walks of life, professionals that I assume know, or should know why social media should be taken seriously by any company, large or small, wishing to market their products and services online.

In over 90% of instances the response I get is “I just don’t get social media”. I have tried to explain why social media should be taken seriously and failed. So I went back to the drawing board. My inability to articulate why social media is so effective was extremely frustrating. I knew in my mind the answers, but I couldn’t put it into words of my own.

So I created this simple presentation below to point out how social media works in the modern day, and why it’s so important to understand why it’s structured this way. Without understanding this one key fact, businesses have little hope of getting their online marketing effective.

So I now appreciate the fundamental shift in marketing that underlines why social media is so important.

And this is very important.

It’s fundamental.

So pay attention:-

  • Traditional means of advertising and marketing are dead. People are pissed at being targeted in the “old ways”. They don’t have time. This is what OUTBOUND marketing is – marketers dump what they think is relevant into the laps of potential buyers who don’t care and who don’t have time.
  • The modern marketer shares useful information and gives value to people (free information etc.) and creates connections (email alerts, Facebook links etc.) with people, BEFORE those people ever start a buying decision relating to their products and services. So when a shopper’s buying decision eventually comes along, the company already has a connection with the potential customer, and that customer has a relationship and trusts the company to deliver on what they want. The buying decision comes naturally, it’s not forced. It’s a result of a long term relationship, not one that is short term and invasive.

Please consider the above for a moment.

It’s the modern way. It’s fundamental.

The implications of the above are SIGNIFICANT for each and every company, so significant, that most companies are unable to implement efficient social media marketing campaigns because they “just don’t get it”.

The issues are complex, they are a fundamental juxtaposition over traditional marketing channels. And its going to take time for businesses to understand what’s involved.

In the short term, just understanding that social media should be used to ensure that businesses get potential customers to take actions that promote a long-term, trusting relationship, is a good start.

About the Author: Rob Stangroom
Rob is a strategic online marketer trapped in a qualified accountant's body. With 15 years experience in emerging sub-Saharan equity capital markets and 7 years managing a digital agency focused on corporate, social and online investor relations. Rob advises large businesses at the highest level on online corporate strategy. He is a failed fisherman!