Annabelle Degroot: Finance Director

This investor presentation relates to the half year results for the six months ended 30 September 2014.
Financial highlights
  • Lager volume declined -16.4% (impact of excise)
  • Soft drinks volume growth +13.3%
  • Net producers revenue decline -11.9%
  • Gross profit decline of -16.3% reflecting major currency depreciation and distribution costs to regional areas
  • Operating profit decline -36.9% (27% in constant currency)
  • One off costs associated with redundancies , operational integration project, reallocation of storage
  • Above contributing to operating profit margin decline of -530bp
  • Finance costs down by +10%
  • Profit after tax decline of -37.7% (28% in constant currency)
  • Volume decline, currency devaluation, product mix towards lower margin economy brands and one off operating costs responsible for the performance in the half year
  • Earnings per share for the period of $0.18 (2014:$0.28) down by -38% from prior year
  • Board did not recommend a dividend for the half year

Zambrew and Natbrew investor presentation

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