Financial Performance
Group volumes were 4% below the prior year owing to the eleven month reporting period. Nevertheless, there was strong performance from the tobacco and export sectors. Revenue was down by 7% partly attributable to the sales mix. Profit from operations improved to $1,9 million (2013:$1,2 million). An Operating Profit, after abnormal items, of $1,7 million (2013: $2,5 million) was achieved, with the prior year profit largerly driven by gains on property disposals. The profit before taxation amounted to $1,8 million (2013:$1,9 million). There was a positive contribution from the joint venture company, Softex Tissue Products (Private) Limited. Total comprehensive income attributable to members was $1,3 million (2013: income of $8,5 million, mainly from revaluations of property, plant and equipment). Cash resources closed at $4,5 million (2013: $3,4 million).

FY 2014 financial results

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